Are you frustrated with the lack of flexible and versatile at home strength training equipment available? Most of what is on the market today is cumbersome and inconvenient. In fact, if you don’t have an extra room to use, there really is no point in buying weight lifting equipment at all. Until now. Wall Flex-Pro is here to offer a powerful solution for at home strength training.

Gone are the days of storing heavy metal plates when you actually use only a small portion of them. Wall Flex- Pro is a small device (Only 18 inches) that is easily installed on your wall in no time, and can replace heavy weight lifting equipment with powerful exercise bands.

With Wall Flex-Pro, you can perform over 50 different strength exercises while relying on the resistance of four heavy-duty, double dipped latex tubes. These tubes can be pulled in all directions from the upper or lower side of the wall to accommodate a variety of exercises. If needed, you can double or even triple the resistance by attaching the exercise bands together. Thanks to Wall Flex-Pro, your entire family can use the same piece of equipment and adjust the resistance according to their individual abilities.


Do you prefer working out together?

Not a problem. Wall Flex- Pro allows more than one person to exercise simultaneously using various adjustments.



(Resistance band workout is considered to be safe and very effective because of the consistency of the weight that is applied to the muscles).

Where can it be installed?

Wall Flex – Pro doesn’t take up any floor space. All you need is 7 x 12 feet of wall space. Wall Flex – Pro is very flexible and can be installed in any room.

19 (1) Single Armchair to face a blank wall

And how many exercises?

Wall Flex is a full body strength multi-trainer. It allows you to activate and train every muscle of your body. More than 50 basic resistance band workout exercises can be performed with the device and many others can be illustrated and found online.



Is it safe?

Yes. Wall Flex- Pro is attached to the wall by heavy duty, top of the line anchors. These anchors are designed to hold hundreds of pounds when properly secured to Sheetrock walls. Unlike other types of equipment that hang on doors, Wall Flex- Pro is securely attached to the wall for greater protection.


What’s about the design?


Wall Flex- Pro was carefully designed as an at home accessory and even though it provides a heavy-duty workout, it flows seamlessly with traditional home decor. In fact, many of our users install the device in their living or family room.




Wall Flex-Pro is extremely affordable and highly effective for at-home strength training.

Discover what Wall Flex-Pro can do for your body, and purchase your own through us today!

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