If you are a Personal Trainer, you know how very important it is for your clients to follow an exercise regimen at home that reinforces the specialized training that you offer. You have provided them with inspired motivation, with practical exercise options and with an individualized workout program that will help them fulfill their goals. Whether they are training for a marathon, recovering from an injury, trying to lose weight, or would like to simply become fit and strong – you hold the expertise to show them the right way.

But unless they can continue their individualized exercise plans on their own between and after your sessions with them, there is the risk of losing ground on the momentum that you have created.

Wall Flex-Pro is the only system that offers an entire spectrum of gym-strength equipment options in one safe, small device that doesn’t take floor space and fits even in the smallest apartment. Easily installed on any wall of any room with common tools, the Wall Flex-Pro is housed inside an 18” modular, semi-portable unit with double-dipped power bands that are guaranteed to stay in place during strenuous and therapeutic exercise.

There are many reasons for you to recommend the Wall Flex-Pro to your clients:

    •   If they are reluctant to work out in a local gym, they now have an alternative option to exercise at home – and because of that, you won’t lose their loyalty to your program.


    •   Wall Flex-Pro doesn’t take much space but has capability of an entire gym and offers at least 50 basic exercises that are described in the manual with many more available online.


    •   The Wall Flex-Pro is especially helpful for beginners who are in the process of gaining confidence in the exercise program that you have recommended.


    •   The Wall Flex-Pro is affordable and easy to install in a just few minutes at the most convenient location in their home environment.


    •   It’s a ‘win-win’ situation where your clients are happy and, because of that, the referrals will start pouring in thanks to Wall Flex-Pro.


As an ambassador of the Wall Flex-Pro, you are eligible for our compensation program that we have created just for you.


Learn more about our special program for personal trainers.

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