Maybe you have had a sports injury – or maybe you’ve been in an accident, or slipped on the ice, or stumbled down the steps – or maybe you are simply getting older, and you are beginning to lose strength in your arms or your legs. Whatever the reason, you have been instructed to rehabilitate with physical therapy. After initially receiving physical therapy at an outpatient rehabilitation center, you will be encouraged to maintain a similar regimen at home for ideal results. When physical therapy treatment is over, you still can work on your body, improving strength, endurance, lose weight, or simply keep yourself toned and active!

Wall Flex-Pro offers a simple way to continue your physical therapy exercises in your own home. It is designed to help people regain their strength and flexibility in a way that is in harmony with a recommended therapeutic exercise regimen.

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The advantages of having a Wall Flex-Pro at home are clear:

  • Convenience – Your physical therapist can come to you to help you develop a home exercise regimen. Instruction can take place in a real setting, and your therapist can evaluate your needs in your own environment.
  • Personal service – When your physical therapist comes to your home, he or she can give you 100%, undivided attention.
  • Privacy – You and those who are most close to you enjoy privacy. You are with the ones you love and trust as you heal.
  • Stress reduction – physical therapy exercises at home allow you to be relaxed without having to dress in ‘appropriate clothing’ and making sure that you look ‘put together.’ You can relax in your own clothes and not worry about how you look.
  • Flexibility – having suitable equipment at home gives you more flexibility in deciding when you will exercise.
  • Safety – Wall-Flex Pro is safe, and it can be adjusted to your needs according to your therapist’s requirements.
  • Reduced Healing Time – Healing continues after your physical therapist treatments are completed. This healing process is significantly reduced if you continue your exercise regimen with a Wall Flex-Pro at home.

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