• Does Wall Flex- Pro require professional installation?

    No. Easy to follow installation instruction is included in the box and anyone who can drill and use a screwdriver can install the product.

  • Are men, women and kids able to use the exact same Wall Flex- Pro device?

    Yes. Wall Flex- Pro is a universal device with multi-level resistance, which fits both genders, all ages and any fitness level.

  • Is Wall Flex-Pro recommended for individuals who participating in Physical Therapy treatment?

    Yes. With Wall Flex-Pro you can perform the same exercises that you practice during your Physical Therapy sessions. It's recommended that you consult with a doctor before beginning any fitness regime.

  • What is the difference between Wall Flex-Pro and door mounted bands?

    The main difference is that the Wall Flex- Pro is designed to be attached to a wall, hold heavy-duty power tubes, and provide a much more effective and safer at-home workout.

  • Does Wall Flex- Pro require maintenance?

    No. Wall Flex- Pro is maintenance free.

  • Is there any other product similar to Wall Flex- Pro available on the market?

    No. Wall Flex- Pro is a unique Patent pending product.

  • Where can I buy Wall Flex- Pro?

    Wall Flex- Pro is exclusively available through this website’s online store.

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