Wall Flex-Pro is ideal for hotels that are looking for ways to enhance a traveler’s experience, attract new customers, and stand out from their competitors. It’s 2016; the demographics of the tourism industry are rapidly changing, and the Boomer generation is yielding way to the Millennials as the up-and-coming market segment. This new breed of travelers has different expectations than their older counter points. They are less interested in a ‘white glove’ treatment and are looking instead for a ‘home-away-from-home.’ They want convenience and comfort and are not as focused on ‘luxury. ‘

Many hotel owners and operators are remodeling existing hotels to appeal to the interests of these younger customers who expect plenty of free hotel-wide Wi-Fi connections, comfortable furniture, and innovative amenities, both in the hotel common areas and in their rooms. One common thread is a prevailing interest in having access to state of the art hotel fitness equipment.

Wall Flex-Pro is a low-cost, low-maintenance, upgrade that can be easily installed in hotel rooms and doesn’t take up any floor space. Business, professional, and young travelers alike will be drawn to the fact that they can work out with a full-body exercise powerhouse in the convenience of their own rooms.

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  • Wall Flex-Pro doesn’t take much space but has the capability of an entire gym and offers at least 50 exercises described in the manual with many more available online.
  • It is a unique amenity that sets your hotel apart from its competitors.
  • It signals that your hotel is responsive to changing needs of its guests.
  • It saves time for guests who are active and busy, both socially and professionally.
  • It serves as a great branding strategy.
  • As a new room enhancement, it will soon go viral through younger guests’ social media channels.
  • Our hotel fitness equipment is affordable, easy to use and simple to install.


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Because this market segment is quickly becoming a critical factor in the economic growth of the tourism industry, it is important to quickly capture their attention – and there is no better way than Wall Flex-Pro!

By introducing hotel room workout with Wall Flex-Pro to your guests, you will be tapping into a new customer base that will soon become loyal to your brand!

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