According to the National Association of Realtors, 5 to 6 million families will become new renting households by 2023. For these Americans, the flexible lifestyle and amenities that came with renting are tremendously appealing. Many are Millennials who are reluctant to be tied down to a 30-year mortgage, but rental households have increased among all age groups, not just Millennials. In fact, the fastest growing segment of renters is the over-50 age group who have accounted for over half the growth in rental households in last 10 years.

Across the board, these new renters are looking for both convenience and comfort, and apartment amenities are becoming an important factor when it comes to choosing where to live. Among their criteria is a prevailing interest in having access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment. Many apartment building owners and property managers are now taking this into consideration and are remodeling existing properties to accommodate this feature.

The Wall Flex-Pro is a perfect low-cost, low-maintenance solution for updating your apartment building to attract this upsurge of renters. It can be easily installed in an apartment in minutes and doesn’t require any floor space. Potential apartment dwellers will be drawn to the fact that they can work out with a full-body exercise powerhouse in the convenience of their own apartment. Check the installation ideas HERE

The advantages are impressive:

  • Wall Flex-Pro doesn’t take much space but has the capability of an entire gym and offers at least 50 exercises described in the manual with many more available online.
  • It is affordable, easy to use and simple to install.
  • It is a unique amenity that sets your apartment building apart from its competitors.
  • It signals that you are responsive to the changing preferences of your residents.
  • It saves time for residents who are active and busy, both socially and professionally.
  • It serves as a great branding strategy.
  • As a new room enhancement, it will soon go viral through social media channels.


Because this market segment is quickly becoming a driving force in apartment rentals, it is important to quickly capture their attention – and there is no better way than Wall Flex-Pro!
In no time, you will be tapping into a new customer base that will soon become loyal to your brand!

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