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Wall Flex Inc. develops, designs, and manufactures powerful home fitness solutions. Strength and resistance workouts are by far the most effective workout method known to man. Strength training is not only excellent for shaping and toning the body, but also perfect for fat burning and weight loss.

For this reason, Wall Flex Inc. chooses to offer simple, yet innovative power bands device to help systematically change the way at-home exercise takes places. The equipment produced through Wall Flex takes aim at consumer habits in hopes of providing better, faster results at your house gym, without sacrificing health and safety.

About Wall Flex-Pro

The Wall Flex crew is proud to announce their latest installment of exercise equipment: Wall Flex-Pro. This innovative multi-training system is based on heavy-duty flexible tubes, the power bands that are guaranteed to stay in place throughout strenuous exercise. This system takes home strength training to the next level by providing a workout powerhouse inside a modular, semi-portable unit. When we say powerful resistance system, we mean hundreds of pounds of resistance that can satisfy even the most dedicated lifters out there.

Wall Flex Inc. was founded by a team of innovative thinkers who are passionate about improving and enhancing the way everyday people exercise at home. The way we exercise has an impact on how we live, and through proper fitness, we can live better.

Our Mission

The goal of the Wall Flex team is to develop universal house gym devices that fit the needs of every individual, regardless of their age, gender or fitness level. Simple, safe, and incredibly effective equipment is at the core of the Wall Flex brand. Through intense development, testing, trials and errors, Wall Flex has finally released their all-in-one strength training equipment, saving consumers time and money.

Why Strength Training?

The fact remains; strength training is the most effective and safest workout method of any other out there. By helping the body build muscles and burn fat, strength training improves energy levels and contributes to greater endurance. If you have only one workout method to choose, choose strength training, and if you have one piece of workout equipment you can count on, choose Wall Flex-Pro.

The Wall Flex team is ready and willing to answer any questions you may have about their products, so you can shop in confidence knowing an innovative team has your back.



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